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Monday, April 18, 2016

Blog Tour: The Fall and Rise of Peter Stoller by @sh8kspeare with a #review

Upmarket Espionage / Mystery / Thriller / Suspense
Date Published: January 15, 2016

In 1960s London, British Intelligence agent Peter Stoller is next in line to run the Agency. But when he falls in love with cab driver Charles, his life goes off the road. Charles is accused of being an enemy spy, and Peter is guilty by association. Though they manage to escape, the seeds of doubt have been planted, leaving Peter to wonder how much he can truly trust his lover. Is ignorance bliss or merely deadly?

This is a great premise for a novel. I loved that Peter was gay but that it wasn't the center of the novel. 

There is History in this novel as well as a wordly backdrop. Being from the US. I liked both reading about British Intelligence as well as about the era this was set in. I think M. Pepper Langlinais has done a great job of making this novel relatable to readers and she did her due diligence in her research. 

There are a ton of twists and surprises that will keep you as a reader invested until the very end. A solid Thriller with wonderful characters. 

M Pepper Langlinais is best known for her Sherlock Holmes stories. She is also a produced playwright and screenwriter. She lives in Livermore, California.

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