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A Mother / Daughter reading and reviewing duo. Or should we say Grandmother/Mother, we aren't exactly young. Young at heart? Definitely!

C. Gonzales reads mostly New Adult and Contemporary Romance with some Young Adult, Erotica, and Paranormal. 

D. Gonzales reads mostly Paranormal Romance, Time Travel Romance, Historical Romance along with some Contemporary/New Adult Romance.

We read a ton of books, if you notice we have mostly high ratings, its because I don't want to give Authors Negative Publicity and really only feel the need to share the best of the best! 
Books are rated on a scale of 1-5 stars. 
  • 5 stars = MUST READ - WE LOVED IT! 
  • 4 stars = WE REALLY LIKED IT, You Should Give it a Shot
  • 3 stars = Middle of the Road
  • 2 stars = Wasn't for us
  • 1 star = DNF or Hard to Finish

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  1. Thanks so much for focusing on my new book, Deadlier than the Rest, on your blog. I'd love to respond to any questions or comments from your readers. They may post here or send me an email at

    Best to you!

  2. Thanks so much for your kind words about Hearts Set Free!
    With gratitude,
    Jess Lederman