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Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Nonfiction Feature: The Empathy Advantage by @LynneAzarchi #blogtour #bookreview #giveaway #nonfiction #rabtbooktours @RABTBookTours



Non-Fiction (Parenting/Education)

Date Published:  November 4, 2020

Publisher:  Rowman & Littlefield

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Bullying and cyberbullying is on the rise.  Face-to-face interpersonal skills are declining.  Narcissism is increasing.  Not only do studies show these distressing facts to be true, but we see them in the news and in our own lives.  Lynne Azarchi, Executive Director of Kidsbridge Tolerance Center, has the answer to these growing problems:  teaching our children empathy.  In her new book, THE EMPATHY ADVANTAGE:  Coaching Children To Be Kind, Respectful and Successful (Rowman & Littlefield; November 4, 2020), Azarchi provides the tools and strategies families can use to give their kids the gift of empathy – simultaneously setting them on the road for a more successful future and changing the world for the better.


Books that give us good value are so very important. It's even more important when it's a book such as this that give us valuable information in regards to our children. They are the most impressionable and their lives are quite different than ours were when we were young. Teaching them from a young age how to handle certain things is increasingly more important as time goes by. 
Lynne Azarchi has written this book as a guide, a guide for you to understand not only how to teach your child to have empathy, but why it's important and how it will help imact their life in a positive way. 
This book is very well done. Full of so much value! 

About the Author

LYNNE AZARCHI, author of THE EMPATHY ADVANTAGE, is Executive Director of Kidsbridge Tolerance Center outside of Trenton, New Jersey—a nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering bullying prevention, anti-bias, diversity appreciation, empathy, and empowerment strategies for youth.  She is a tireless advocate for improving the lives of at-risk youth in communities across New Jersey. Kidsbridge helps more than 2,500 preschool, elementary, and middle school students and educators improve their social-emotional skills each year.  Azarchi has won many awards and her articles have been published both in newspapers and academic journals.  She is a frequent speaker to parent and teacher groups, corporations and major educational conferences.


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