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Monday, December 21, 2020

Historical Feature: A War Apart #blogtour #historical #romance #giveaway #review #rabtbooktours @RABTBookTours


Historical Romance / 20th Century Historical Literature  

Date Published: November 11, 2020  

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press 

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Anger at her cheating husband spurs grieving war widow Rosemary Hopkins to spend an impromptu night with an overseas-bound soldier. Fearing her small hometown would discover her secret, she makes him promise to not write her. Yet, she can't forget him.  

Eager to talk to a pretty girl before shipping out to fight the Germans, Guy Nolan impulsively implies they're married and buys her ticket. The encounter transforms into the most memorable night of his life when he falls for a woman he will never see again.  

While Guy tries to stay alive in combat, Rosemary finds work in a secret defense plant and a possible future with another soldier. Will she choose security or passion? Can she survive another loss?   



I loved how deep this book goes. It is historical and makes you think about history while also bringing us a great love story. 

Characterization is important and I loved the voice and life she gave her main characters. 

This story isn't predictable either, which is great. I like that there was a unique approach to how everything unfolded. 

Wonderful story and great writing! 

About the Author

Barbara Whitaker writes historical romances with a focus on the World War II era. Originally from a small town in Tennessee, she currently calls Florida home. You can visit Barbara's website at


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