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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Release Day: The Hazards of a One Night Stand

New Adult Romance

One small town boy, one girl who wants more, one roll in the hay...

Hooking up with your high school crush is a bad idea, a really bad idea. It was only supposed to be one night, one brief departure from my real life, but nothing ever works out exactly the way you plan.

Colton Waters was everything from my past that didn't fit into my present, so why did he have to show up at my college and pledge the one frat I couldn't avoid?

Because nothing is ever meant to happen just once. At least not the life changing things that mean the difference between falling apart and falling in love. 

I really enjoy this series. There are some little curve balls and drama, but for the most part they are fun, quick, light reads! 

We are back at Harrison for the girls Sophomore Year and now it is Mallory's chance to find love. Unfortunately, a One Night Stand with her ex-boyfriends brother has her questioning everything. 

I adored Colt. He was such a good guy. I don't know what took Mallory so long, I fell for him right off the bat. He was just perfect for her and you could tell their foundation of friendship really strengthened their relationship. 

We got to catch up with all of the girls from Delta Mu and they are just as fun as before. I love Juliet's personality! I personally liked the addition of Jade, she seems like someone I would love reading about in the future, hint hint...

I was not a fan of smarmy Tanner. Gosh he just really rubbed me the wrong way. 

Jack was minimal in the story but I wasn't sold on his reasons for coming back. After two years? That seemed a little forced. 

Mallory's relationship with her dad was an interesting extra layer that I enjoyed. I adored her little brother and hope he figures into the future books somehow... maybe with Jade? ; ) 

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Alyssa Rose Ivy is a New Adult and Young Adult author who loves to weave stories with romance and a southern setting. Although raised in the New York area, she fell in love with the South after moving to New Orleans for college. After years as a perpetual student, she turned back to her creative side and decided to write. She lives in North Carolina with her husband and two young children, and she can usually be found with a cup of coffee in her hand.


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