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Friday, September 11, 2015

Blog Tour: August's Garden's by @Shelly_Barclay #review

Horror / Fantasy
Date Published: 8/18/2015

Morrigan is beyond death, trapped in a hellish nightmare from which only the Artist can save her. The Fiend is behind enemy lines learning to reap what he has sown. The Artist reaches deep into his past to find a reason for the strange woman he now must rescue from the vile Dark Man. The Winged Man is forced to wait while all of the elements he needs to start war with hell itself fall into place. Will he fight alone or will his shattered family unite with him?


Disclosure: I would really recommend reading the first in this series before this one. However, this can be read without that, it will just take a little while to understand some things. 

Dark fantasy/Horror is such a great genre that I love and I really felt like Michelle Barclay nailed the genre with August's Gardens. 

The premise isn't exactly new, but something that I always enjoy. A half mortal, half god. The repercussions that come with that and the issues in a family of "gods" in general.

A well paced plot and fun and multi-dimensional characters really lead to a well written novel overall. 

Michelle Barclay is a copywriter and author from Massachusetts. She hikes, draws, does pyrography, cooks and spends time with her family when she isn't writing or reading. She lives on the South Shore in Massachusetts with her husband, ethical hacker Adrian Hayter.

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