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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Virtual Book Tour: Blood Phoenix: Imprinted by @AlishaCostanzo #review #giveaway #fantasy

Urban Fantasy with satirical, horror, and romantic elements
Date Published: May 9, 2017

With an old war raging between vampires and shifters, Ria must learn to refocus her life if she's going to survive.

Her renegade fight was just the beginning. The queen is recruiting new soldiers. Ria's going on vicious missions with her battle buddy. And her explosive abilities are malfunctioning at inopportune moments.

So now, Ria must forgo her selfish desires to compartmentalize her life, but what's she to do when she can't save everyone she wants to? One girl may not be capable of taking down an empire. Good thing Ria's got help.

Book Review

As always when diving back into a world, there are many questions and catching up to do. I think Alisha Costanzo did a good job of explaining her world and characters and what they have been through thus far.

The pacing and plot of the novel was very well done. There was plenty of action and it really kept my attention throughout! 

I very much enjoyed the characters and their interactions with one another. 

I like the way that it sets the stage and leaves room for advancement of characters and plot in the future novels.

About the Author

Alisha Costanzo is from a Syracuse suburb. She earned her MFA in creative writing from the University of Central Oklahoma, where she currently teaches English. She's the author of BLOOD PHOENIX: REBIRTH, BLOOD PHOENIX: CLAIMED, BLOOD PHOENIX: IMPRINTED, and LOVING RED, and co-editor of DISTORTED. UNDERWATER, and AFTER THE HAPPILY EVER AFTER. She’s currently editing her new 2017 fire-themed anthology, writing about Ria’s father, and crafting her new YA novel for its 2018 release. In the meantime, she will continue to corrupt young minds, rant about the government, and daydream about her all around nasty creatures.

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  1. Thank you for hosting me and the wonderful review! I'm glad you enjoyed the book. <3