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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Book Tour: The Compendium by @chris_a_hart #review

New Adult / Sci-Fi Romance / Paranormal
Date Published: July 13, 2016
Publisher: Soul Mate Publishing

Irina and her renegade variant friends are scrambling to pick up the trail of their former employer, Ivan, and his globally catastrophic scheme.

Their attention develops a laser focus on an engineered earthquake mere days ahead of them in San Francisco. While they fight to stop the earthquake, Irina pushes the love of her life Jonah as far away as she can, trying to keep his unstable genetic degradation in check.

Irina’s friends think they’ve seen the worst that Innoviro could bring forth by the time they reach a secret facility in the Mojave Desert. As they near the property, the group uncovers a horror none of them had ever imagined.


I liked the diversity of the novel. It pulls together Paranormal/Sci-Fi along with Mystery/Suspense and romance, all of which are executed well and come together seamlessly. 

Since this is a second in a series, it didn't take long for the action to begin and the story to unfold. We get a little bit of a catch up, but then we dive directly into the action.

 I really enjoyed the fact that Christine Hart was able to surprise me a couple of times. I always like a novel that keeps me guessing. 

I wasn't always on board with all of these characters, Irina specifically made me question here decisions and actions several times throughout, but it kept me guessing, that's for sure. 

Located on BC’s beautiful West Coast, Christine writes speculative fiction for YA & NA readers.  She has an undergraduate degree in writing and literature, a corporate background in communications and design, and an Etsy alter-ego named Sleepless Storyteller. Christine shares her eclectic home and lifestyle with her metal working husband, dancing daughter and rocket enthusiast son.

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  1. Thanks so much for hosting, reading, and reviewing! Much appreciated :)