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Friday, November 10, 2017

Blog Tour: One To See Me

Title: One To See Me 
Author: Alicia Maxwell 
Genre: Romance 
Release Date: November 2, 2017 
Cover Designer: Shari Ryan, MadHat Covers 

Can you trust someone who can’t afford to trust you back?
Emmeline is ready to be seen. And someone is watching.
Emmeline Weiss is facing the most important day of her life. The stakes are high: her high-powered, high-society life in Chicago could come crumbling down around her. But if it did, would she be in a free fall, or would she be free? In a time like this, Emmeline knows she needs to sort enemies from friends—and quickly—but who can she trust? And what if trust has more than ONE definition?
As her life dismantles into dark questions and darker answers, the last thing Emmeline expects is for passion and chemistry, physical need and wild sex, to take over. For the first time, with this sexy stranger, Emmeline feels seen.
But maybe it’s because someone is watching…

He dominates and cherishes me all at once, as if trying to show me through sex what he is like in life.
I relish his touch, letting him control the pace until it’s too much.  My moans fill the silence, and I tug for my hands to be released.  I need more, I need to touch him, feel him, make him thrust deeper, faster.  As soon as he lets go of my hands, his palms hook under my butt and I’m up in the air, pushed against the cold window, with him plunging deeper inside me.  I cry out from pleasure and from the coldness of the glass, locking my ankles behind his back.
We pick up the pace and he drives each thrust deeper, putting both of us on the edge.  My inner walls clench in an effort to prolong the pleasure and put off an inevitable orgasm.  The result is just the opposite.  Alex grunts loudly at the added tightness, grabs my hips roughly, and rams me against the window wall.  I’m done for, spiraling out control and into orgasm-induced oblivion.


Alicia Maxwell has been an avid reader her whole life. Through the years, she’s enjoyed many genres and authors, from classics, like War and Peace, to modern-day romances. Her latest passion is writing.
As a resident of South Florida, she finds inspiration in the fast-paced, urban lifestyle, proximity to the ocean, and the year-round warm weather.
Her days are filled with reading, writing, and caring for her family—two children, and a husband, who also happens to be her biggest supporter and best friend.
Her two-book literary debut will be self-published in 2017. Look for them, read them, and leave a review. Your feedback and opinions matter and are greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance to each and every one of you!


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