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Thursday, February 7, 2019

Book Tour: The Unlounging by Selraybob @selraybob #review #humor #fiction #giveaway @RABTBookTours

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Literary / Humor
Date Published: December 2017
Publisher: Cur Dog Press

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Not yet thirty, and already Selraybob is beaten down and washed up. He spends his days on his lounger, drinking quarts of beer and talking to his buddy Herm on the phone. Until, during his wife’s long overdue kiss-off speech, he notices two clocks. They’re seven minutes off. And he has an epiphany. Time, he decides, is a count. It’s only a count.

Einstein was wrong.

And life on the lounger will never be the same.

Book Review

Fun and fresh! I loved the wit and humor Selraybob brought to his book and characters. It is not a cookie cutter story by any means. It is a bit out there, but so hilarious. 

This was just an overall feel good read perfect for anyone in need of a laugh or many who doesn't want to have to think or feel emotions while reading. A great change of pace. 

About the Author

Selraybob is a philosopher, writer, and, given his modest Missouri background, one of the least expected deep thinkers on the planet. His theory of time—that Einstein and Hawking and the rest of the spacetime preachers are misguided to the point of lunacy—has invited ridicule and hatred and threats of violence. He has become, arguably, an iconoclast. Selraybob continues to pursue Time, related physics theories, and, with the help of his buddy Herm, Herm’s wife Susy Liu Anne, and a small but growing band of supporters, battle the narrow minds of the Time Fixers.

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