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Thursday, March 28, 2019

Book Tour: The Wild Ones by Gladys Swedak #review #youngadult @RABTBookTours

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Young Adult
Date Published:  December 19, 2018
Publisher: Books To Go Now Publication

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The Wild Ones is about 7 young wild horses left on their own. How they survive and are eventually gentled by the men of the Circle bar X ranch. The horses talk amongst themselves but not to the humans in the story. It is told from one of the mare’s point of view. This is her first novel written from a picture of two black/grey horses on a calendar and what her father taught her.


Beautiful Cover and Beautiful Story inside. I love the way Gladys Swedak was able to take an animal most love and use them as a catalyst for younger readers. I think that younger readers will get a lot out of t his novel without even knowing it. It deal with real life issues, even though it is through the minds of horses. I liked that she didn't make it whimsical with the horses talking to humans as well, they are just like real horses in the story. 

Beautiful use of descriptions to allow the reader see what the horses see in the story. A fairly well balanced story as far as the pace. There were a few spots that slowed down a bit, but it wasn't an action type story, so that's to be expected. 

About the Author

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Gladys Swedak lives in Vancouver B. C. with her partner and two cats. She likes to read, do handcrafts and is learning art. She is a spiritual person and a member of Unity of New Westminster. She likes to write fiction and about animals.

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