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Friday, February 12, 2021

Historical Fantasy Feature: Loving Modigliani by @LindaLappin1 #blogtour #bookreview #giveaway #historical #fantasy #paranormal #fiction #rabtbooktours @RABTBookTours


The Afterlife of Jeanne Hébuterne

Paranormal Ghost and Love Story

Historical Paranormal Fiction, Magical Realism, Fantasy Fiction, Literary Fiction

Published: December 2020

Publisher: Serving House Books

A ghost story, love story, and a search for a missing masterpiece.

PARIS 1920 Dying just 48 hours after her husband, Jeanne Hebuterne--wife and muse of the celebrated painter Amedeo Modigliani and an artist in her own right -- haunts their shared studio, watching as her legacy is erased. Decades later, a young art history student travels across Europe to rescue Jeanne's work from obscurity. A ghost story, a love story, and a search for a missing masterpiece.

Loving Modigliani is a genre-bending novel, blending elements of fantasy, historical fiction, gothic, mystery, and suspense.

Praise for Loving Modigliani:

"LOVING MODIGLIANI is a haunting, genre-bending novel that kept me turning pages late into the night" --Gigi Pandian, author of The Alchemist's Illusion

"Part ghost story, part murder mystery, part treasure hunt, Linda Lappin's Loving Modigliani is a haunting, genre-bending novel that kept me turning the pages long into the night." - Best-selling mystery novelist Gigi Pandian


What a great book! I enjoyed this one without a doubt. Full of fantasy, history, mystery and so many other aspects that really set it apart. It doesn't fit into a genre box, it stands on its own blending fantasy in its best form, great characters who I cared about, as well as an overall interesting story

The writing is concise and the the point. The author doesn't skirt around things and really shines the light on his characters and setting, while keeping the pace steady and keeping the reader on their toes. 

About The Author

Prize-winning novelist Linda Lappin is the author of four novels: The Etruscan (Wynkin de Worde, 2004), Katherine’s Wish (Wordcraft , 2008), Signatures in Stone: A Bomarzo Mystery (Pleasureboat Studio, 2013), and The Soul of Place (Travelers Tales, 2015). Signatures in Stone won the Daphne DuMaurier Award for best mystery of 2013. The Soul of Place won the gold medal in the Nautilus Awards in the Creativity category.

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