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Friday, June 17, 2016

Blog Tour: The Seventeenth Pocket

Young Adult / Sci-Fi / Fantasy
Date Published: April 2011

The Kerious Pye series recounts the adventures of an ancient Order of worldly Explorers travelling to the universe of matter.  
The Seventeenth Pocket follows Explorer, Arden McGivven, on an expedition that could destroy the barrier between energy and matter.  When the old voyager encounters gravely ill, fourteen-year-old Megan Carlson, he breaks his oath and reveals the Order’s secrets.  Arden’s stories confound doctors, and open a mystery that crosses from this life to the next.  Only Megan can solve the mystery and save the man who helped her.


The word that comes to mind after finishing this novel is unique. I think that Hargus Montgomery has brought his own spin to all things Sci-Fi and Fantasy. It was unlike other YA Sci-Fi/Fantasy novels I have read in a good way. I love it when a reader can set his/her world apart from others.

The characters are vivid and real. They leap off the pages with their personalities and it makes it easy for the reader to care about them and what happens to them. 

I enjoyed the way that Hargus Montgomery paced his novel. I felt like there was plenty of quick moments along with some points where the novel slowed a bit to allow us to catch our breath. 

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Hargus Montgomery is the author of The Last Relicuin, and The Seventeenth Pocket, part of the Kerious Pye series.

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