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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Blog Tour: Upon the Tide by @RyanJoSummers #review and #giveaway

Romantic Suspense
Date Published: May 18, 2016

Tossed together by happenstance, fleeing for their lives and finding love under the Caribbean sun as paradise turns deadly.
New York fashion designed, Piper Kincaid, just wanted to have a pleasant visit with her cousin down in Florida. That was before she and handsome beach bum, Kade Wyatt, become the targets of a gang of robbers and killers. Fleeing for their lives, aboard Kade’s big boat, they experience risk, surprises, mystery and romance during the Great Caribbean Boat Chase. However, the biggest surprises are waiting for them back at port.

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I love emotional Romance novels that are redeeming. Kade wasn't the same man and I loved the fact that we could see him blossom and come out of the shell of a man he had become during the course of this novel. Growth of characters is my favorite thing to see over the course of a novel and Kade did that ten fold. 

On top of that you have a Mystery/Suspense element that was very well written. It was imaginative and surprising and kept me guessing. There wasn't anything confusing by it, but there was a bit of misdirection which I enjoyed. 

I liked the slow way the romance unfolded. With the pasts of the characters, it didn't need to be too quick and I enjoyed the authors restraint in that aspect. 

Ryan Jo Summers is a North Carolina writer who likes to pen romances with a twist. Love stories blended as inspirational, with paranormal, suspense or time travel--or several at once. She also writes non-fiction for regional periodicals. Her dad is a songwriter and his aunt wrote poetry, so Ryan came by the writing gene honestly.
Her hobbies include poetry, bird watching, houseplants and gardening, gathering with friends, hiking in the forest, painting canvas and ceramics, and working wiggly word find puzzles, mah johngg or chess. She lives in a 1920 cottage with a menagerie of pets. She often daydreams of the shore and frequently uses water as settings and several animals in her stories.

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